Madden 22 release date forecast

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To be sure, winter is here and spring is here, Rob Gronkowski followed Tom Brady into the end zone of Super Bowl Sunday, and the release date of "Madden 22" is expected to be August 2021. The first trailer for "Madden 22" may be down in June. Before the arrival of Madden 22, you can purchase Madden 21 Coins to complete Madden 21.

Since PS5 and Xbox Series X appeared on Christmas Eve, the next-generation release of Madden 21 is out of sync with the PS4 and Xbox One releases. This year will definitely change. Traditionally, the new Madden will appear in the first week of August before the real NFL season begins. The roadshow date was postponed to August 28 last year, probably due to the complexity of development during the pandemic. This means that the game may go on sale on August 6 。

Today, EA no longer chooses to vote publicly, but prefers to choose closed screen athletes. This is largely due to the 2011 event, when Cleveland Browns fans continued to play online, resulting in the traveler Peyton Hillis being pushed after a good season On the packaging of Madden 12. In the final, Hillis defeated the challenge of series legend Michael Vick with 66% of the votes. If by then, Madden Coins will also be upgraded to Madden 22 Coins.

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (QB) Tom Brady won the seventh Super Bowl ring, they must be regarded as the favorite of Madden 22 cover. The Chiefs' signaler Patrick Mahomes also rushed towards Madden for the second time. Teammate Travis Kelce is competing for another monster season, and the defender has put the series in trouble for eight years. If EA wants to break this barren situation, then after a 2,000-yard, 17 touchdown game, the long-legged climb of the Titans is Derrick Henry's main choice.

Surprisingly, EA admitted before the release of Madden 21 that it had a long-term plan to reform the franchise model, which has exceeded the game's next-generation debut. The company's experiment using a customized management simulation game-NFL Head Coach 09 also provides a more realistic experience than the current Madden provides. Regardless of whether EA is going back to the future or launching a new product, it is long overdue to reform the Madden 22 franchise model. Finally, you are welcome to visit GameMS to Buy Madden Coins.