By removing the 10th squad's sigil

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Chapter 3 OSRS gold

Items required M'speak amulet, Karamjan monkey greek. It is recommended to use the Ardougne Teleport.

Note: Steps 1 through 4 are possible to complete when they return to Ape Atoll. If you'd like to replenish the supply then skip Step 5.

G.L.O. Caranock and Waydar talking.

Be a monkey with the Kajamjan monkey Greegree (note that others WILL NOT work). This will enable you to avoid being approached or attacked by any animal, or particularly, monkeys on the island. Go back to Garkor in a monkey form and speak to him. After that, go to the Elder Guard near Garkor and address Garkor. He will then instruct you to speak to Kruk. Travel back to the Marim gate. You will be transported to the King of Awogei after you talk to the Kruk. You can talk to him and propose an alliance. You'll be asked travel to Ardougne Zoo to rescue an animal from there. Beware of teleporting when equipped with the greegree, if you have an inventory that is full. It could result in losing the item. Go to Ardougne which is home to the Zoo. Take the greegree in your hand and speak with the Monkey the minder. You will be put in the cage. Chat with the sole monkey with a "Talk" option and take it to the inventory. In order to get out of the cage, talk to the Monkey's minder once again after you have removed the greek. Then, go towards the Gnome Stronghold by food. In there, you'll find the Daero. Speak with him and return on Ape Atoll. If you choose to teleport your monkey will disappear from your inventory. You'll be given some "funny" conversations by your new monkey friend. The monkey will likely devour any bananas. So, treat him with one, if you've got one in your possession. The use of your bananas immediately could give you an unlikely chance of him giving you clue scrolls. Get your greegree in order, go towards Ape Atoll and talk to the King. Alternatively, you can speak straight to Elder Guard, if you have had a conversation with the King before. This will result in monkey taking your backpack off automatically, and Awowogei contemplating an alliance. Chapter 4 can be initiated by speaking to Garkor again.

Chapter 4

Items required: Greegree. One or two antipoison medicines along with food items and combat gear to defeat the level 195 Jungle Demon.

"The Final Battle"

Note: By removing the 10th squad's sigil, you will be able to teleport into the Jungle Demon fight from anywhere in Gielinor. The only location that is not eligible for this is Wilderness.

You can talk to Garkor by RuneScape gold going into the grass next to the grass near. This can be done however you want, you don't need to keep a monkey around. Don't use the 10th squad sigil until you are fully prepared for the final fight! If you lose the last sigil be asked to speak to Garkor again and you will return to the final point of the tunnel.