Runescape associated memes have more business on this sub compared to level 99/maxing articles

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Quit deleting. By deleting those and enabling the exact same cliche 99 skill posts, let alone on xp weekend, then you're only enforcing the stuff. People adore 2007 Runescape because of its memes. They allow people be creative on a game they love. On this particular sub memes are censored therefore that the only articles that get to OSRS gold see the light of day are complaint posts along with the horrible skilling articles which everyone believes is an achievement. Please stop deleting memes. By doing so you are deleting my happiness and censoring this sub's creative side.

The subreddit moderators have this mindset where all meme template articles are thought to be low-effort and shouldn't be permitted on this subreddit. Even though it is not just one of the chief rules, it falls under extra guidelines. The subreddit moderators have this mindset where all template articles are considered low-effort and shouldn't be permitted on this subreddit. Even though it's not just one of the rules, it falls under extra guidelines. I've tried arguing against them but they refuse to give floor on the issue to ANY. They won't give guidelines.

Posts which use photoshop to alter an image/meme template aren't allowed 1 sentence text posts are. They will not even cite a guideline when they decide to remove a place, and never when the auto-moderator does. Their mentality is they don't want this subreddit to become a sub Runescape. This mentality has some truth since posts can dominate a subreddit because of reddit's algorithm preventing higher effort/text posts from ever emerging. The issue is that they think changes made to it, or a meme template irrespective of circumstance, is effort.

All they should do is permit meme template articles that are altered to a substantial level. Clearly specify what qualifies as low-effort. When they're over-excessive, and restrict the circulation of low effort articles. This might be accomplished by providing a warning via a stickied thread, and speaking to it when posts are removed. It feels like since Adam abandoned their group, they've lost their individuality. Proof of this can be seen by looking at the posts on this subreddit and seeing how many of this team would removes them if they were posted.

It's interesting seeing the direction the sub has gone and considering the article introducing new mods ten months back because. And I hope I can provide some insight into what the mods want from the sub, although I don't want this to become an anti-mod article. However, this is not unbiased so keep this in mind. I've been a part of the Runescape community for more than 8 years, can remember that the sub hitting 10,000 users, have met others in the sub and formed friendships with several other members, yadda yadday'all are my family and so forth.

Within that interval I joined FC the clan and Discord server; all three of which I currently hold some kind of moderation position in. This is not supposed to buy RS gold be a bragging point, from where I am coming from, but to provide perspective. Anyone who has dealt with me where I am acting within my capacity as a moderator will understand I'm incredibly (occasionally too? Looking at you 6xx) lassaiz faire, but that is my style. Moderation isn't moderation. Anyhow when new moderator applications were posted in 2016(?) I sent mine in, I had a connection with several current mods already, was very active within the community, and really wanted to make the community better. I wasn't selected clearly, but stricter people were (that's another story).